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Volatility vs. Stability

For many individuals who have paved their way to long-term wealth and legacy, real estate has been their vehicle to the road of financial freedom and time freedom success! If I were to tell you that you have the same vehicle to achieve this for yourselves, would you hop on in and join the ride?

Let’s face it; the stock market has proven to be highly volatile, and there is much you should learn and get right. Although you can invest minimally to get started, regardless of the amount, you risk losing your money if you're not equipped with the know-how to manage your portfolio properly.

Not only that, you should understand all the various fees associated with buying and selling stocks, trading stocks, or broker commissions. Knowing what to look for to pick the right stocks at the right time takes a lot of time, knowledge, and practice.

When the stock market could be booming, have you ever wondered why? You must consider that stocks could be going up for all the wrong reasons. Confidence in the stock market may push up demand and drive up prices across the board. You must also consider that any sudden trending event can occur and suddenly tank your investments. We have seen this with Tesla… We should explore the difference between stock volatility and real estate stability.

Why Real Estate over Stocks?

We prefer real estate over stocks because it is vastly more reliable and predictable with many risk-averse measures in place when investors acquire the asset. Meanwhile, these same factors that risk-proof real estate assets are not there for stocks! There could be a lot of things that can go wrong with the stock market. Prices can dip and go down dramatically, and you could lose all your money that has increased over your hold just like that. Poof! Drop!

Profits can only be achieved in the stock market if that stock price goes up, due to the demand. Ultimately, you would have to conduct some stock research on your target companies, evaluate the companies’ financials, leadership team, and competition. Ultimately, with stocks, you place reliance on your money to perform on unpredictable factors like the economy, the state of politics, and much more.

So at this point, you can imagine, ‘What are those more reliable factors I can count on when investing in real estate?’ Happy to answer!

With real estate, the risk factors that can tank a stock investment cannot tank a real estate investment. You do not need an economic boom or a bull market to make money. Real estate does not rely on the current trends that kick up its performance. It looks at the same historical factors like population, job growth, income growth, crime, etc., to determine whether it will perform.

Economically, you can make money in both kinds of markets, whether it is up or down. Real estate fundamentally falls into the basic needs for survival, which is shelter. You will always be providing for someone’s basic need for shelter. In the impending concerns of heading into a recession especially, historically, multifamily real estate is an asset class that has performed well during a recession.

You can imagine as people start to experience the negative impacts of a recession with losing jobs or having to foreclose on property, the people facing these impacts will need to live elsewhere. Many impacted will be situated into a downgraded lifestyle and return to renting in apartments.

Geographically lower cost of living areas with good median incomes and solid population growth markets will demonstrate the investment to be very risk-adverse. Political impacts may affect your stock investments but with real estate, investors are vetting multiple different markets to determine ones that align with their given business plan and interest. There are many favorable different markets you can make money in; investors must understand the laws applicable to that market and where to hunt for sensible deals.

Consider Real Estate Syndications

There’s a very simple way to invest in real estate if the know-how may be too much for you to partake in order to invest and own real estate. Fortunately for you, there are ways where investors like us can help, which is by leveraging the skills and contacts of people you know to help you create passive income streams—your syndicators!

You will make a much greater profit through real estate syndications! Unless you’re the park it and forget it type of minimal invested amount stocks investor, so to speak, you may actually feel more at ease knowing that your investment in a real estate deal is risk-adjusted and risk-adverse to take your investment to greater heights!

So, forget stocks, bonds, and ordinary active real estate. Hop on the ride to financial freedom by passively investing in real estate syndications!

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Multifamily Real Estate Syndications over stocks

  1. Better Return on Investment: Make MORE money! Compound your investment by continuously reinvesting your money and be able to achieve more returns than you would in minimally invested amounts of stocks.

  2. Better Lifestyle: Don’t deal with your landlord/tenant headaches as an active investor. Passively invest in deals after you’ve done your own due diligence and understand the investment offering that aligns with your goals. Don’t deal with actively worrying about making the right decisions each time you need to trade or sell stocks unless it’s for fun and you just like it. Rely on higher yield returns through the strategies to generate great returns in a real estate property.

  3. Better Service: Your investment is your only financial obligation. There are no extra costs and fees each time you need to consult with your operators; you simply invest your interest level given what your financial goals are. Let us implement our business plan, earn the returns for you. We will walk you through the process and keep you informed about your investment.

Understand that you need to account for risks involved in any kind of investments. There is never a guarantee when it comes to investing; this is why it helps to let professionals who know how to take into account any risk-assessments and qualifying investment opportunities to manage the process and cycle.

This is the way operators identify positive producing assets and risk-adjust our investments together. This way, you just fill your portfolio with quality properties and enjoy passive returns, letting your trusted Skyscape Equity partners manage and protect your investment assets for you!

Cheers to your success!

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